Pun-tastic Ways for Brighter Days (P.W.F.B.D.)

The author wishes to offer you a book that you will either:

  • eye-roll, 
  • smile, or
  • crack up laughing.

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A Double F.A.Q.

An FAQ for an FAQ :-)

This is one of those Frequently-Answered-Questions from Frequently-Asked-Questions. One of those double dips of an FAQ for an FAQ. Cool, huh? And all of that rolled into one Media Kit!

This kit answers questions like...

  • How did that Pun-tastic book begin?
  • Would you share a peek of the book to me?
  • Who is Dominique Liongson?
  • What do people say about that book?
  • Where may I buy that bouncy book?

...and other stuff inside the Media Kit!

Those and much much more are found in this cutie Media Kit. Yup, the Dominique Liongson's "Pun-tastic Ways for Brighter Days" Media Kit. (Wow... lots of words got me gasping for air. Whew!)

If the content becomes rubbish to you, or would like to discard the old Media Kit to make room for a new one... here is the save-the-environment feature. Do a delete, or dump to digital dumpster. No fumes, no shredding, no littering ... drama-free! Tee hee hee... 


Go for it... just click to download. yay!

DL PWFBD Media Kit (pdf)


A book authored by yours truly...

"Thank you for respecting my copyright. 

I appreciate it."